Touchstones: A Pathway to Authentic Communication Part Two of Six

Part Two: How the Book Unfolds

The Touchstone Pathway is presented throughout three sections of this book. In Part I, we will present the elements of the pathway to more authentic communication where you will discover the reasoning and meaning behind the use of these skills. Our goal is to provide you with the rationale behind your intention to move along the pathway because as Kabat-Zinn notes, “Your intentions set the stage for what is possible. They remind you from moment to moment of why you are practicing in the first place” (p. 32). And so we will present the problems of differing perspectives and perception and how these can profoundly affect both your internal dialogue (intra-psychic dialogue) and the interpersonal conversations you have with others. Additionally, the importance of an inward stance of being genuine, of having empathy, and holding unconditional positive regard for others are presented in terms of developing a pattern of Authentic Communication through the practice of the Touchstone Skills.