Boldly Building InAccord

image001People are asking – what are the characteristics of an InAccord mediator and arbitrator? It’s a good question and over the next few weeks we’ll explore the critical attributes of our mediators and arbitrators. First for this week let’s focus on the training and experience and the value we bring to our clients. Our senior mediators have at least triple the training hours as suggested by the American Arbitration Association. Typically they average 200 training hours. All our mediators and arbitrators also have an area of expertise. This is for a discipline they are widely recognized in by their peers, whether it’s through certifications, an advanced degree, or extensive experience. For example our current staff and contractors have expertise in human resources, law, psychology, natural resources management, community peace-keeping, business management, corporate quality management, environmental health and safety, and sustainability. All have experience in workplaces be they small businesses, non-profits, start-ups, Fortune 500s, government or privately-run research facilities, or franchises. Our clients realize the benefit of partnering with a multi-disciplinary, national, and multinational team accustomed to achieving success in business.

From Prevention to Crisis

As mediators and arbitrators we are truly specialists in conflict resolution, however, we are taking a different approach with our clients to advise them along a full scale of workplace engagement. On one end of this scale are balanced relationships and productive dialogue in the workplace: potential conflict is diffused more readily and teams are more robust. At this end of the scale InAccord offers services such as leadership skill development coaching, workshops, training, and facilitation of groups. On the other end of the scale is an actual crisis or conflict that is appropriately handled by mediation or arbitration. Working with this scaled model means that: (a) we teach clients how to prevent conflict from escalating to a damaging point; increasing business performance, employee and customer satisfaction; and (b) we continue to support clients should a crisis arise.

For Everyone, in Every Workplace

image002InAccord is making a bold move as we embark on bringing balance, true collaboration, and greater success to workplace relationships. We believe in a workplace running ‘in accord’, buoyed by dynamic and mutually beneficial relationships, between all stakeholders: leaders, employees, or clients and their customers, vendors or venture partners. We are well positioned to assist business to build a culture supporting constructive conflict. That kind of culture increases earnings and innovation potential while retaining its best talent.

The Time is Right

As InAccord mediators and arbitrators, we first brought balance to conflict. Now we forge a unique path forward to increase your business value proposition through the benefits of constructive conflict. Let us assist you in your journey to become the business you have the potential to reach.