Mediators Without Borders 620 inAccord Arbitration Certificate Course

Mediators Without Borders 620 inAccord Arbitration Certificate Course

Become an arbitrator at your workplace or in private practice through our measureable inAccord model of arbitration that delivers a straight forward three-phase process and survey tools to measure the efficacy of your work. We have developed an accessible model of arbitration training that allows you to:

  • Conduct pre and post data collection wherein disputants complete surveys that measure their expectations for the arbitration and whether these are met upon conclusion
  • Effectively direct your clients through well-defined phases with additional surveys that measure their satisfaction and understanding at each phase before they proceed to the next
  • Enjoy an ongoing and immediate assessment of your arbitration skills and effectiveness
Course Description This self-paced online course covers the history of arbitration, its relationship in law, and common applications. The course will present topics such as arbitration statutes, awards, staying proceedings, costs, and fees. Issues of jurisdiction, arbitrator qualifications and duties, contract analysis, rules of evidence, admissibility, and relevance will be discussed in readings and online discussions with other students and the instructor.  The second half of the class covers the actual pre-hearing procedures, the hearing itself (including discussion of both procedure and dealing with substantive issues), the award (including issues of determination on the issue and potential remedies available, and the practical matter of writing the award), and grounds for challenging the award (including the concepts of appeal and judicial review).
Prerequisites Mediators Without Borders 600
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
  1. Articulate the history of arbitration, its relationship to the law, the benefits and limitations of the process, and ethical considerations
  2. Articulate the phases of the pre-hearing process
  3. Examine the actual hearing room and reporting mechanisms
  4. Articulate an arbitrator’s opening statement
  5. Distinguish among types of evidence and explore rules of evidence, admissibility, and relevance
  6. Explore mechanisms for post-hearing evidence submissions
  7. Examine the weighing of testimony and evidence
  8. Explore the methods of writing an award
  9. Identify enforcement mechanisms for awards & circumstance for overturning awards
  10. Demonstrate use of the inAccord survey instruments for arbitrators


Your Online Learning

Upon registration, you will be issued a welcome letter with a login and password to our self-paced, instructor mentored Moodle campus. As part of our online community of students you will receive:

  • One on one personal instruction from an experienced faculty member via Skype, phone, or email
  • Materials, exercises, and assignments designed to deepen your knowledge of inAccord arbitration
  • Accessible, flexible learning allows you to move at your own pace and login anywhere, anytime
  • Weekly invitations to participate in Wednesday evening (6- 8 pm mountain standard time) simulated role play practice as an arbitrator or mediator, disputant, or observer
  • Access to audio archived role plays from previous months allowing you to listen at your own pace
  • 6 months from the time of registration to complete your course or program
  • Completion times range from 8 weeks to 6 months depending on individual study habits
  • Upon successful completion you will be issued a Mediators Without Borders professional certificate


Required Texts can be purchased at                 

Bennett, S. (2002). Arbitration: Essential Concepts. ISBN 0-97-05970-8-8

Goodman, A. (2004). Basic Skills for the New Arbitrator. ISBN 978-0-314-91137-7


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